Worship from Hope Valley in 1992-1993

This CD was created from tracks found on three worship service compact cassette
tapes, dating from the early 1990s, discovered in 2010 during an exercise to digitise
for posterity as many as possible of the writers's old audio storage found in the bottom of
many cardboard boxes - before the recording media fell off the mylar base due to old age


Hope Valley musicians were known across Adelaide as being accomplished in the art of singing unaccompanied,
and with creating free vocal harmonies by ear from the chords of the accompanying musicians


Please note that this is not a carefully crafted studio recording. It is produced from the
cassette tapes provided to those who had missed attending church that day, recorded
from the sound system mix which aimed for - and often failed to acchieve - optimum
sound reinforcement for the congregation, using elderly (even at that time)
and barely adequate equipment - late 1970s-design and vintage in fact.

All things being considered, it represents the scene - there and then - quite well!



Track 1
Praise Him, Praise Him

Track 2
O Lord, You're Beautiful
All-consuming Fire -
O Lord, You're Beautiful (reprise)

Track 3
The Spirit of the Lord is Great and Mighty

Track 4
Mighty Warrior - Amazing Love
There is None like You -
I Worship You, Almighty God
Here I am, wholly available

Track 5
Amazing Grace

Track 6
Create On Me a Clean Heart
Holy Spirit, Rise In Me
Here I am, reaching out

Track 7
Guide me, O Thou Great Jehovah

Track 8
For This Purpose Christ Was Revealed
You Have Won the Victor's Crown

Track 9
The Power of Your Love

Track 10
Salvation Belongs To Our God
I give To You All The Honour
And I worship You
Crown Him King of Kings
Praise Him, Praise Him


The CD was burned using a 2003-era Open Source software application called K3b
on an installation of SuSE Linux using the K Desktop Environment (aka KDE)

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